1. 30 Years After LP
    Jack Meatbeat and the UGS

  2. Gritan LP

  3. Chaputa​!​'s Double Feature Vol​.​5 Gatefold 2x7"
    Marcel Bontempi / Lola Lola

  4. Sheena Is a Beat Rocker EP
    Lisa Beat And The Liars

  5. Space Rumble LP
    The Speeding Bullets

  6. Kamikaze Sky Pilots
    The Flaming Sideburns

  7. Sky Pilots
    The Flaming Sideburns

  8. Hawkwind Tribute Split 7"
    Democrash / The Brooms

  9. Life's Not Like The Movies 7"
    The Jackets

  10. The Moon Was Full And So Was I...

  11. Blown Again LP

  12. In The Age of Giant Moths LP
    The Thingz

  13. Runaway Train 7"
    Martin Savage and The Jiggerz

  14. Baby Please Don't Go 7"
    Lola Lola

  15. Rock'n'Roll Graduates LP
    The Maharajas

  16. A Place Called Razors Edge LP
    The Toxics

  17. Too Far North LP

  18. Wild One 7" EP
    The Sound Station

  19. Dirty Little Cigarette 7"
    The Toxics

  20. House Rockin' Party Tonight With... LP
    The Sellwoods

  21. Let Me Know 7"
    The Smoggers

  22. Partyville 7" EP
    Mad Mojo Jett

  23. Chaputa!'s Double Feature Vol.4 Gatefold 2x7"
    The Jackets / The Courettes

  24. Have a Coffee Break With... LP
    Walter Daniels & The Del Valle Trustees

  25. MONSTER PARADE Vol. 3 Split 7" EP
    The Satans & The Drunken Spiders

  26. Down Down
    The Toxics

  27. Split 7" EP
    The Flaming Sideburns / The Maharajas

  28. Demented Planet 7" EP
    The Sellwoods

  29. Silver Flame 7"
    The Flaming Sideburns

  30. Floor Killers LP
    The Maharajas

  31. Goodnight God Bless 7"
    The Mourning After

  32. A Song For Robert - In loving memory of Robert Dahlqvist (Hellacopters) 7"
    The Flaming Sideburns


  34. MONSTER PARADE Vol. 2 Split 7" EP
    Los Sustos and Plastic Friendly

  35. Unrelated Statements LP
    The Maharajas

  36. TRIBUTE TO DEAD MOON Vol.2 2x10"

  37. TEENAGE TUPELO: Original Score Gatefold LP

  38. Hallelujah Rock'n'Rollah LP
    The Flaming Sideburns

  39. Trance-Noché 7"
    The Flaming Sideburns

  40. MONSTER PARADE Vol. 1 Split 7" EP
    The Jukeez and The Toxenes

  41. SONS OF CHAPUTA Vol. 2 10"

  42. Bayou Fever 7"
    King Salami and The Cumberland Three

  43. I Don't Need Myself 7"

  44. Outlaw 7"
    Wild Evel & The Trashbones

  45. Dirty Minds 7"
    The Brooms

  46. Killed a Man in a Field 7"
    Lola Lola

  47. Soulshaking 7"
    The Flaming Sideburns

  48. Opposites Attract 7"
    The Maharajas


  50. Bug Rock Invasion 10"
    The Mants

  51. Two Stroke Smoke 7" EP
    The Sellwoods

  52. Every Little Thing Goes Wrong 7" EP
    Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks

  53. In Or Out 7"
    The Strollers

  54. Here They Come!... LP
    The Brooms

  55. You Can Listen 7"
    The Smoggers

  56. Chaputa!'s Double Feature Vol.3 2x7" Gatefold 2x7"
    The Parkinsons / King Salami and The Cumberland Three

  57. Chaputa!'s Double Feature Vol.2 2x7" Gatefold 2x7"
    The Smoggers / The Sateliters

  58. Chaputa!'s Double Feature Vol.1 2x7"
    The Nomads / The Maharajas

  59. Something To Forget LP + bonus 7"
    The Act-Ups

  60. SONS OF CHAPUTA! 10"

  61. C'est Destructif 7"EP
    Curlee Wurlee

  62. Heavy Tiger 7"
    The Flaming Sideburns

  63. Keep On Walking 7" EP
    Gary Wilde

  64. Howlin' For My Woman 7" EP
    King Salami & The Cumberland Three

  65. Girl It's Over 7"
    The Satelliters

  66. Black Box 7"
    The Maharajas

  67. Superfuzz (OST)


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The Chaputa! Trademark is a positive guarantee that the record bearing it contains only fuzz, distortion, screams, wild beats and loud sounds, as performed by the best artists of this generation. That’s why, when you buys a Chaputa! record, you can be sure it contains only good fun! Please be sure that “CHAPUTA! RECORDS ARE GOOD RECORDS” is our only credo and constant goal. Thank you, punk! ... more

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